American Foulbrood Detection

Detection Training for the Bee Diseases
American Foulbrood AFB.
For the Commercial or Hobby Beekeepers 


We can offer AFB  Detector Dog inspections with our operational dogs. The use of the dogs for the detection of AFB has been proven to be very effective and can be a very useful tool in the fight against the spreading of American Foul Brood in your Apiary. 

 We can visit your site in conjunction with other inspections of apiaries in your area , which will reduce the cost overall.

We can cover the South and North Island for inspections.

We can train dogs specifically for your Apiary to be part of your inspection tools.

Please remember the dogs are just an additional tool and DO NOT replace the regular disease checks of the bee hives.

Inspections of hives are mostly conducted when the bees are not active (early in the morning or late in the evening / night time)

 Bee equipment that is stored at your shed can be inspected during the day. (Honey boxes, Feeders etc.)

It is very important that the area where the dogs are working, is free of any hazards like poison / bait / carcasses or any animal or objects that may effect the dogs working safely.

We recommend that the landowners are informed of the presence of a detector dog team on their property prior to the inspections.

The dogs are trained to indicate in a passive response when detection American Foul Brood. Visual / Clinical AFB or Pre-Clinical.

 We are recommending that the hives the dogs are indicating on to be marked and if possible quarantined.  Swap testing is available on request to confirm the presence of AFB spores.

Level of proficiency

42% - Visual Clinical Signs found the same day

27% - Visual Clinical Signs found 2/3 months later

10% - Visual Clinical Sings found 1 to 3 years later

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