About Us

I have been training detector dogs for over 30 years. I was born in Switzerland where I trained  Search and Rescue Dogs but also dogs for Schutzhund / IPO (Dog Sport) and Dog behaviour.

I worked as the Manager and Trainer for the New Zealand Government's Biosecurity Detector Dog Programme for several years. I also trained and supplied detector dogs in Taiwan, Korea, Canada, Australia, USA, Argentina.

Based in Dunedin, New Zealand my focus is to continue providing an excellent professional service to government departments, private companies and individuals in sourcing and training top quality detector dogs. 

I'm now  offering detector dog training for private dog owners that  only want to have some fun with their dog by teaching  some basic scent association. All training is based on positive reinforcement and requires only some basic training tools and a dog that likes a reward.

Training sessions will be here in Dunedin but can be organised at other locations as well.